Art, AI and Digital Ethics Seed Funding

Art has always been an important tool for reflecting on ethics, emerging technology and the word around us.  This stream includes cross-disciplinary collaborations across the University of Melbourne and an initial seed funding round.

Art, AI and Digital Ethics Research Stream

New technologies and artificial intelligence are redefining how we interact with our environment and each other. Collaborations between arts and STEM disciplines are increasingly making a powerful contribution to knowledge about digital ethics. Meanwhile, contemporary artists are responding to technology not just as a tool for making art, but as a force that shapes every aspect of our lived experience. Now more than ever, artists are vital for understanding the experiential and ethical implications of our rapidly changing technological world.

But what specifically do artists bring to the conversation about AI and digital ethics that enables ethical thinking? What is missing from the conversation about the value of this work as a method of enquiry and research approach? How can technology and engineering specialists work with artists to forge genuinely new directions in their research?

NFTs demonstrate potential for creative, collaborative work in digital spaces. But how are artists’ interests safeguarded? And how do we sustain critical and creative engagement with technology amid the financial and artworld hype?

This programme is designed to foster networking and critical thinking across art, AI and digital ethics at University of Melbourne and beyond. It is for academics (including graduate researchers), industry professionals and practicing artists of all disciplines.

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Seed funding:

Teams applying for the seed fund must be cross-disciplinary and include at least one practicing artist and one member of staff from the CAIDE member faculties—faculties of Science, Arts, Engineering and IT and the Melbourne Law School. External researchers and practicing artists working outside of academia are welcome to apply as part of a team. To be considered for this funding teams must demonstrate considerable engagement with the workshop activity. Participants who cannot attend the workshop because they are international or interstate are welcome to contact us to discuss how they might get involved.

Teams who have demonstrated engagement with the workshop program will be invited to apply for funding of up to $20,000 AUD for projects

Seed funds to be spent within one year

Applications are due Monday 6 September at 4pm