Demystifying AI Ethics Masterclass

The Centre for AI and Digital Ethics (CAIDE) presents

The Inaugural Demystifying AI Ethics Masterclass

Due to the uncertainty of continuing lockdowns in Victoria, this masterclass will now be delivered online. Accordingly, we have applied a 50% discount to the cost at checkout (now only $999 for two days). But it's not all bad news! All registered participants will be invited to a special evening event held in the new Melbourne Connect building, as soon as government and University restrictions allow. This event will include a tour, guest speakers and networking opportunities.

CPD points will be available for this course

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October, 2021

The CAIDE Masterclass provides a focused professional development opportunity over two days for individual professionals or entire organisations interested in the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI). Using a mix of online content, readings, seminars and workshops, this masterclass takes a cross-disciplinary approach that gives professionals, regardless of background, an overview of the key ethical, and governance, challenges in the areas of bias/fairness, transparency, responsibility, accountability, and privacy in digital technologies.

A key part CAIDE's mission is building the capacity of organisations and those working in them to develop or deploy innovative digital technologies while maintaining public trust. We do this by assisting organisations to identify, understand, and engage with, key ethical issues around emerging digital technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and applications such as facial recognition, natural language processing, and financial, medical or legal technologies, that are relevant to their business.

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Who is it for?

Whether you are a manager looking to deploy a new chatbot or employ some advanced customer analytics, a professional wondering what impact AI may have on your career, or an advisor interested in getting a better understanding of the kinds of ethical issues that may come up around emerging digital technology for your clients, this class will provide an introduction to the topic of AI Ethics and some key concepts, and give you the opportunity to work through selected issues with a group of other participants in a series of workshops over two days.

Best of all, no technical background in AI or computing is required to participate in the Masterclass!

Who is CAIDE?

CAIDE is a cross-disciplinary research centre at the University of Melbourne that is at the forefront of digital ethics issues. We bring a unique perspective combining technical expertise with an understanding of the social, policy, legal and organisational impacts of emerging digital technologies.

As well as teaching, CAIDE also undertakes cutting edge research in several streams ( ). This masterclass will allow you to meet experts from a variety of backgrounds who are current researchers in the field of AI Ethics, and talk to them about case studies and their research.


CAIDE takes a blended-learning approach to the delivery of education. This approach delivers stronger learning outcomes as it supports the learning of participants with varied backgrounds, allowing all learners to achieve a base level of knowledge before contributing their perspectives and domain-specific knowledge in the workshops.

The Masterclass includes 10 hours of content which incorporates self-directed study where participants engage with curated texts and video,  seminars and workshops. The masterclass will be hosted online with a follow-up event held in the new Melbourne Connect building, which includes a tour, guest speakers and networking opportunities.

Please see the proposed overview of the sessions here.

Sessions and details may be subject to change.


The cost of the Masterclass, including two days of content, is $999 for participants sponsored by their organisations. If you are a self-funded participant, University of Melbourne staff member or are employed by an NfP, generous discounts are available. CAIDE also has one fully-funded place (i.e. at no cost) available for a participant from an NfP organization based in regional or rural Victoria.*

* The award of this funded place is solely at the discretion of the organisers and covers the cost of the Masterclass only.

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The inaugural Masterclass on AI Ethics will be held on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October, 2021

Due to the small group workshop format, spaces in the masterclass are limited to 20 participants. Once you have registered we will be in touch with more details including location and a bit of reading to get you primed for the class.

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Sessions will be hosted by cross-disciplinary experts

  • Professor Jeannie Paterson
    Professor Jeannie Paterson

    Co-Director, Centre for AI and Digital Ethics

    PhD(Monash); LLB(Hons)/BA (ANU)

    Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia

    Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law

    Melbourne Law School

    Professor Jeannie Paterson is a leading specialist in contract law, consumer credit law and consumer protection law, and innovative expert in the emerging field of New Technology Law. Jeannie is the author of leading texts and numerous articles in these fields. She is the Co-Director of the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics. Jeannie continues to hold a current legal practicing certificate and consults regularly to state and federal government, not-for-profit organisations and regulators. Jeannie is a captivating and discerning teacher. She teaches across all programs at Melbourne Law School, including the popular breadth subject ‘AI, Ethics and the Law’, ‘New Technology Law’ in the Juris Doctor (with PwC), and ‘Digital Consumer Law’ in the Melbourne Law Masters.

  • Associate Professor Tim Miller
    Professor Tim Miller

    Co-Director, Centre for AI and Digital Ethics

    PhD (Computer Science.) BSc (Information Technology)

    Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

    Professor Tim Miller is a pioneer in the field of AI-assisted decision making and explainable AI. His work focuses on the areas of Human-AI interaction and collaboration, explainable AI,  accountability and trust. Tim has extensive experience developing novel and innovative solutions with industry and defence collaborators. Tim is the Deputy Head of School (Academic) in the School of Computing and Information Systems as well as being the Co-Director for the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics. He is most well known for his ability to convey complex Artificial Intelligence concepts to those outside his field and provide explanations and critiques with theories from the social sciences.

  • Michael Wildenauer
    Dr Michael Wildenauer

    Subject Development Coordinator and Research Fellow

    PhD (Corporate Governance), MBA (Computing), GradDip (Communications Law,) BSc (Mathematical Sciences)

    Centre for AI and Digital Ethics

    Prior to entering academia, Michael held senior technology leadership positions such as CTO and CIO in organizations in Australia, the US, UK and in Europe. Utilising this expertise, Michael has taught MBA and masters’ courses in technology, professional, and business ethics, innovation, and corporate governance. He is currently the Subject Development Coordinator and Research Fellow at the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, and a Non-executive Director of the Royal Children’s Hospital, in addition to being the Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Michael's research interests are at the intersection of technology, ethics rights, law, governance, and civil society. He is also named as co-inventor on several technology patents and is a current Certified Professional and Senior Member of the ACS, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

  • Yvette Maker
    Dr Yvette Maker

    Senior Research Fellow, Research Manager

    PhD (Arts) Bachelor of Laws, BA (Psychology)

    Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, Melbourne Social Equity Institute

    Dr Yvette Maker is a legal and social policy expert who works both for the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics and the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. She holds a PhD in Social and Political Sciences and her current work focuses on the disability- and gender-related dimensions of law, policy and practice. Yvette’s expertise is across the fields of human rights law, disability law, consumer law, social security and social protection law, and information and technology accessibility. Yvette has worked with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on topics including the right to education and the right to liberty and security of the person. Yvette is an insightful and innovative scholar who has dedicated her career to advancing social justice and equality and is currently exploring technology as a barrier as well as a means to expand those rights.