About the Conference

Constitutional Law Conference 2017

21 July 2017
Woodward Conference Centre
Melbourne Law School

Conference convenors Professor Adrienne Stone and Dr Scott Stephenson

On behalf of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, we invite you to register for a major conference on constitutional law to be held 21 July 2017. The Conference is the 4th in a regular series of conferences that focus on themes of enduring significance in constitutional law. This year the conference papers will focus on

  • Non-Statutory Executive Power;
  • Proportionality after McCloy;
  • Restrospectivity and the Rule of Law

The final session of the Conference provides a retrospective on the High Court under Chief Justice Robert French, with a special focus on Chapter III and the separation of powers.

The cases to be discussed include: Re Culleton [No 2] (2017); Cunningham v Commonwealth (2016); R (Miller) v The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (2016, UK Sup Ct, the Brexit'Case); Murphy v AEC (2016); Plaintiff M68 (2015); P T Bayan Resources v BCBC Singapore (2016); Rizeq v Western Australia (2016); McCloy v New South Wales (2015); Assistant Commissioner Condon v Pompano Pty Ltd (2013); Wainohu v New South Wales (2011); Momcilovic v The Queen (2011); Kirk v DPP (2010); South Australia v Totani (2010) and International Finance Trust Co Ltd v New South Wales Crime Commission (2009).

The conference closes with a dinner to be addressed by the Hon. Justice Michelle Gordon of the High Court of Australia.

Papers will be delivered by leading practitioners and academics including Lorraine Finlay (Murdoch University); Justin Gleeson SC (Banco Chambers, NSW Bar); Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Goldsworthy (Monash University); the Hon. Kenneth Hayne AC (former Justice High Court of Australia and Professorial Fellow Melbourne Law School); Dr Brendan Lim (Eleven Wentworth, NSW Bar); the Hon. Justice Stephen McLeish (Court of Appeal, Victoria); Associate Professor Kristen Rundle (Melbourne Law School); Professor James Stellios (Australian National University); Julia Watson (Owen Dixon Chambers, Victorian Bar) and Emeritus Professor Fiona Wheeler (Australian National University).

We are also delighted that the conference will provide the occasion for the launch of Brendan Lim's Australia's Constitution after Whitlam (2017), by Laureate Professor Emeritus Cheryl Saunders AO.

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