Research Assistants

Each year the Centre employs undergraduate and postgraduate students as editorial and research assistants (RAs). RAs assist with both short and long-term research projects, event support and general administration.


  • Elizabeth Brumby
    Stefan Ladd
  • Luke Chircop
    Taylor Mitas
  • Joshua Forrest Quinn-Watson
    Anna Bohacova
  • Alexandra Harrison-Ichlov
    Andrew Fong
  • Artemis Kirkinis
    Stephen O'Connell
  • Marcus Roberts
    Matthew Harper
  • Anna Saunders
    Duncan Willis
  • Kathryn Wright
    Georgina Clough

Post graduate

  • Tom Dreyfus
    Tom Dreyfus

Those interested in working at the Centre should send a CV and cover letter to the Director, Professor Adrienne Stone.