The purpose of the Centre is to undertake and promote research on corporate law and to provide a focal point for those working in this area. This is reflected in the Centre's current objectives.

The activities of the Centre include teaching (members of the Centre teach or coordinate the teaching of more than 20 specialist subjects), a strong research program, and conducting conferences and seminars.

In addition, the Centre publishes the monthly Corporate Law Bulletin and is actively involved in policy research.

The Acting Director of the Centre is Professor Rosemary Langford. Professor Langford welcomes any enquiries about the work of the Centre.

Purpose of the Centre

The objectives of the Centre and its members are to:

  • undertake and promote research on corporate law
  • provide advice to the Law School on the teaching of corporate law subjects within Melbourne Law School at The University of Melbourne and develop and promote innovative curriculum, teaching methods and teaching materials in this field
  • host seminars and conferences to disseminate the results of research conducted under the auspices of the Centre or in other programs associated with the Centre
  • develop and promote links with academics in other Australian universities and in other countries who specialise in corporate law
  • establish and promote links with similar bodies, internationally and nationally, and provide a focal point in Australia for scholars in corporate law
  • promote close links with peak organisations involved in corporate law
  • promote close links with those members of the legal profession who work in corporate law
  • attract students of the highest calibre to the Law School's programs and provide opportunities for their involvement in corporate law research projects.