Books published by Centre for Corporate Law members include:

Commercial Applications of Company Law - Professor Pamela Hanrahan, Professor Ian Ramsay and Dr Geof Stapledon, 23rd edition, 2022, Oxford University Press

Company Directors’ Duties and Conflicts of Interest - Professor Rosemary Langford, 2019, Oxford University Press

Commercial Applications of Company Law - Professor Pamela Hanrahan, Professor Ian Ramsay and Dr Geof Stapledon, 19th edition, 2018, Oxford University Press

Ford, Austin and Ramsay's Principles of Corporations Law - Dr Robert Austin and Professor Ian Ramsay, 17th edition, 2018, LexisNexis

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Commercial Applications of Company Law - Associate Professor Pamela Hanrahan, Professor Ian Ramsay, Professor Geof Stapledon, 17th edition, 2016, Oxford University Press

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Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges – Professor John Howe and R Owens (eds), 2016, Hart Publishing

The Cambridge Handbook of Twin Peaks Financial Regulation – Andrew Godwin and Andrew Schmulow (eds), 2021, Cambridge University Press

Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam – Professor Tim Lindsey and Professor Pip Nicholson, 2016, Hart Publishing

Religion, Law and Intolerance in Indonesia – Professor Tim Lindsey, and Helen Pausacker, 2016, Routledge

Research Handbook on Asian Financial Law – Douglas Arner, Evan Gibson, Andrew Godwin, Shen Wei and Wan Wai Yee (eds), 2020 and 2022, Edward Elgar

Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore - Associate Professor Pamela Hanrahan, Professor Ian Ramsay, Professor Geof Stapledon, VictorYeo and Joyce Lee, 5th edition, 2015, CCH Asia

Commercial Applications of Company Law in New Zealand - Associate Professor Pamela Hanrahan, Professor Ian Ramsay, Professor Geof Stapledon, Professor Gordon Walker and A Pekmezovic, 5th edition, 2015, CCH New Zealand

Insolvency Law: Commentary and Materials - Jason Harris, Michael Gronow and Professor Helen Anderson, 2015, Thomson Reuters

The Protection of Employee Entitlements in Insolvency: An Australian Perspective - Professor Helen Anderson, 2014, Melbourne University Press

Not-for-Profit Law: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives - Professor Matthew Harding, Professor Ann  O’Connell and Professor Miranda Stewart (eds), 2014, Cambridge University Press

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Directors’ Duties – Principles and Application - Dr Rosemary Langford, 2014, Federation Press

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