FWC & CELRL Workplace Relations Lecture Series

The Centre is pleased to co-host the Melbourne lectures of the Workplace Relations Lecture Series of the Fair Work Commission.


23 May

The Industrial System, Discrimination & Judicial Method: The Australian Reluctance
Lecture Recording


23 September

Pay Equity - Where Next?

14 May

Enduring Values or Radical Change: The Shaping of Labour Law Legislation


6 December

The Fair Work Commission's Role in the Enterprise Bargaining Process
To view the powerpoint slides given by John Howe, please click here. To view the slides by Anthony Forsyth please click here.

16 August

Productivity and Pay Developments in Labour's Share of Income Gains
To view the powerpoint slides, please click here.

24 May

The Ambiguities of Workplace Cooperation
To view the powerpoint slides, please click here.

15 February

The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study: First Findings & Implications for Australia
To view the video of this lecture and to download the powerpoint slides, please click here.