In the Media

Centre Members and Associates frequently contribute to commercial news media by participating in radio and television interviews and writing for both print and online publications.


  • Joo-Cheong Tham was interviewed on a Futures of Work podcast. He joined Huw Thomas in the studio to discuss the contemporary realities of labour migration as well as the potential for labour provisions in trade agreements to improve labour standards across borders. Listen to the podcast here, 19 Dec 2018.


  • Maria Azzurra Tranfaglia wrote an informative article about employment rights of migrant hospitality workers in Australia on Il Globo (Italian-language newspaper published in Melbourne), 2 October 2014.


  • Kathleen Love, Beth Gaze and Anna Chapman's paper delivered at AIRAANZ industrial relations conference was reported on in 'High Court's Barclay ruling could spur employers to give evidence that helps their case: academics', Workplace Express, 14 February 2013


  • Joo-Cheong Tham's opinion piece '457 reasons for reform' was published in The Age, ABC, 29 May 2012.
  • Anna Chapman was quoted in an article in The Age on 'Legal righ to flexible hours wins backing', 8 April 2012.


  • John Howe was interviewed on ABC's 7:30 on Monday 21 November regarding the Qantas dispute.
  • John Howe appeared on Channel Ten's evening news bulletin on Friday 18 November relating to the Victorian Nurses Industrial action dispute.
  • John Howe's opinion piece 'Fair Work at work' on the recent Qantas industrial action dispute was published in The Age, 31 October 2011. This piece was co-written with Centre Associate Anthony Forsyth of Monash University.
  • John Howe was quoted in an article on on 'Australian business groups warn strike plans threaten investment', 31 May 2011.
  • Joo-Cheong Tham's opinion piece 'Will EMAs help address skill shortages' was published on The Drum, ABC, 25 May 2011.


  • Joo-Cheong Tham was mentioned in an article on political funding 'Call for ban on Labor's 'unfair' ad campaigns', published in The Age on 7 March 2010.
  • Joo-Cheong Tham's opinion piece 'Union fees to the ALP are special case' was published in The Age, 15 January 2010.


  • Glenn Patmore, 'The Incurable Republic 10 Years On', The National Times, Fairfax Digital, 4 November 2009.
  • Joo-Cheong Tham's opinion piece 'Fake or not, perception is all in politics' was published in The Age on 23 June 2009.
  • John Howe was interviewed for 'The Union Show', Channel 31, March 2009.
  • Joo-Cheong Tham's article 'Public has a right to know who gives how much to whom' was published in The Age on 2 February 2009.


  • Joo-Cheong Tham was mentioned in relation to political funding in The Age on 11 July 2008.
  • Joo-Cheong Tham was mentioned in relation to his forthcoming book about Australian political financial law in theCanberra Times on 11 October 2008.
  • Centre Director John Howe, and Anthony Forsyth were mentioned in relation to Work Choices in The Age on 19 September 2008.
  • Joo-Cheong Tham was mentioned in relation to criticism against the local government election system in The Age on 22 November 2008.


  • Centre Director Colin Fenwick's opinion piece 'World can see our IR shame' was published in The Age on 7 June 2007.
  • Sean Cooney and John Howe's article 'Labours chance to cut IR knot' was published in the Australian Financial Review on 21 May 2007.
  • Centre member Joo Cheong Tham and Graeme Orr's article 'Turning taxes into spin' featured in The Age on 17 May 2007. To view this article, please follow this link.
  • Dr John Howe contributed to ABC's Lateline story (17 May 2007) concerning the fining of a Victorian Unionist after a dispute with a construction company over the employment of an apprentice. To view the transcript of the interview click here.
  • Centre Associate Jill Murray's article 'Unregulated markets do not exist' was published in The Age on 15 May 2006.
  • Centre Associates Jill Murray and Anthony O'Donnell's article 'Law wrestles with human rights' was published in The Age on 9 March 2007.
  • Joo Cheong Tham's opinion piece 'Our democracy encourages corruption and undue influence' was published in The Age on 2 February 2007. Follow this link to view the article.


  • Centre Member John Howe was interviewed on the ABC's 7:30 Report in a story on AWAs broadcast on 15 June 2006.
    The link to the transcript is
  • Dr John Howe was interviewed on the ABC's 7:30 Report on 1 March 2006 concerning the question of whether liability for negligent acts in breach of the Victorian Children's Services Act 1996 (Vic) rests with a corporate employer or its employees.
    The link to the transcript is


Joo-Cheong Tham published several opinion pieces on industrial relations, anti-terrorism laws and political campaign financing. Among his contributions were:

  • 'Habib's Right to Earn a Living', The Sydney Morning Herald (9 February);
  • 'The Government Should Not Hinder Habib', Australian Policy Online (17 February);
  • 'Political Donations Changes Favour the Rich and Increase the Risk of Corruption', Democratic Audit of Australia website (1 May);
  • 'Canberra's Latest Campaign Underlines the Need for Controls over Government Advertising', Australian Policy Online (21 July);
  • 'Big Parties, Big Money' (with Graeme Orr), The Age (25 July);
  • 'Public Relations One; Industrial Relations Nil' (with Graeme Orr), Australian Policy Online (21 July);
  • 'Donor Threshold Plan Over the Top', The Sydney Morning Herald (30 May);
  • 'ASIO Could Become Our Secret Police', The Age (7 June);
  • 'The Failure to Provide Effective Judicial Oversight: Provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005 Cth.', Margo Kingston's Web Diary, Sydney Morning Herald (24 October).
  • Joo-Cheong was also interviewed by Triple R Radio on 26 October about his views on the impact of anti-terrorism laws.

  • John Howe, Jill Murray and Anthony O'Donnell's article 'Unfair Dismissal Laws Courting Trouble' appeared in theAustralian Financial Review on 15 June.
  • John Howe's piece '"Deregulation" – or Re-Regulation?' was published in the University of Melbourne Newsletter, Uni News, Vol 14, No 9 on 30 May. John was also quoted in The Age on 29 June in 'Unions Choose to Tread Carefully around Legal Minefield'.
  • Richard Mitchell was interviewed by Radio National on 5 May during the program 'Life Matters' when he discussed a report produced by Centre members on the operation of the No-Disadvantage Test.
  • On 2 September, Colin Fenwick was interviewed on the program 'Done by Law', 3CR Radio, about the legal regulation of prisoners' labour.
  • The Herald Sun highlighted the Centre's views on the government's new IR policy in an article entitled 'It's IR Re-Regulation' (10 November). Workplace Express mentioned the submission presented by the Centre to the Senate Inquiry (18 November) and again in its article 'Don't Just Rely on Corporations Power, Say Academics' (21 November) (see further details under Submissions below). Australian Policy Online cited some of the Centre's views on the proposed industrial relations changes in an article entitled 'The Coalition's Proposed Industrial Relations Changes: An Interim Assessment' (17 November).
  • Centre Members issued several press releases during 2005. John Howe and Centre associate Dr Jill Murray's press release on 3 November was featured in The Age (4 November) in an article entitled 'Unionists Risk Jail for Peaceful Work' and in Workplace Express's article 'AFPC Will Lack Independence, Wages Will Go Down: Academics' (3 November). John Howe also commented on the topic during the PM Program on ABC Radio.
  • Centre Associate Anthony Forsyth's opinion piece 'Independent Umpire Has Role in the Workplace' was published in the Australian Financial Review, 28 July 2005.