Book Launch: The Evolving Project of Labour Law (June 2017)

The Hon Professor Peter R A Gray AM

CELRL Labour Law Seminar

Book Launch: The Evolving Project of Labour Law- Edited by John Howe, Anna Chapman and Ingrid Landau

Seminar presented by The Hon Professor Peter R A Gray AM

Tuesday 13 June 2017: 6–7pm at Melbourne Law School

Hon Peter Gray during his speech

About the event

The Evolving Project of Labour Law collection draws together contributions from leading Australian and international labour law scholars, based on papers delivered at a conference to mark the 21st birthday of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law at the University of Melbourne. Collectively, the contributions provide an account and exploration of labour law scholarship’s evolution over the last two decades, and its future trajectory. They explore a number of enduring and emerging themes in labour law, including:

  • The Foundations of Labour Law Scholarship
  • From Labour Law to Labour Market Regulation
  • Labour Law, Equality and Human Rights
  • Effectiveness and Enforcement in Labour Law
  • Sidestepping the Law Through Legal Structures
  • International and Comparative Labour Law Perspectives
  • The Future of Work and Labour Law

The book offers conclusions about the progress that labour law scholarship has made in facing fundamental changes in the organisation of capital, work and labour markets, as well as suggesting ideas for how labour law might continue to evolve to meet new challenges.

About the speaker

Peter Gray was a judge of the Federal Court of Australia for 29 years until his retirement in May 2013.  Before his appointment as a judge, he practised at the Victorian Bar.  During his judicial tenure he also held office as a judge of the Industrial Relations Court of Australia, a Presidential Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, a Deputy President of the National Native Title Tribunal, and Aboriginal Land Commissioner. Peter was Chair of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law for 16 years, stepping down in 2010. He was the Melbourne Law School Judge in Residence in 2015, contributing to a range of teaching programs and the mentoring of law students
John Howe and Hon Peter Gray
Book Cover: The evloving Project of Labour Law

The Editors

John Howe is a Professor at Melbourne Law School, where he is Co-Director of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law. John has written extensively on the nature of various mechanisms of labour regulation, and the intersection between state-based regulation and corporate governance. He is presently engaged in research concerning regulatory enforcement of minimum employment standards in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Anna Chapman is an Associate Professor in the Melbourne Law School and Co-Director of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law. Anna’s research focuses on issues of discrimination and equality, especially in relation to the intersections of work, care and gender. She is completing a project with Beth Gaze examining the General Protections in the Fair Work Act. Anna is a past editor of the Australian Journal of Labour Law. <

Ingrid Landau is a doctoral student within the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law and the Centre for International Law and the Humanities. She has worked at Melbourne Law School, the Faculty of Business Law and Taxation at Monash University, and at the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Her research interests include Australian employment law, international and comparative labour law (with a focus on the Asia-Pacific) and corporate accountability and labour rights.