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Book Chapters

  • J. Tham, ‘Political Participation’ in C. Saunders and A. Stone (eds) The Oxford Handbook of The Australian Constitution (Oxford University Press, 2018) 979-1012.
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  • J. Tham, I. Campbell and M. Boese, ‘Why is Labour Protection for Temporary Migrant Workers so Fraught?: A Perspective from Australia’ in J. Howe and R. Owens (eds.), Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges, Hart Publishing, United Kingdom (2016), 173–200.

Journal Articles - Refereed

  • I. Campbell, M. Tranfaglia, J. Tham, and M. Boese, ‘Precarious Work and the Reluctance to Complain: Italian Temporary Migrant Workers in Australia’ (2019) 29(1) Labour and Industry 98-117.
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Journal Articles - Refereed

  • C. Kelly, J. Sempill, and J. Tham eds., ‘Papers from the Symposium on the Centenary of the ILO: Democracy, Labour Law and Trade Unions’ (December 2019).
  • J. Tham, ‘Democracy before Dollars: The Problems with Money in Australian Politics and How to Fix Them’ (Papers on Parliament Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series and Other Papers, vol 70, December 2019) 23–38; (2019) 90(2) AQ: Australian Quarterly 20–32.
  • Y. Ng and J. Tham, ‘Enhancing the Democratic Role of Direct Lobbying in NSW’ (Discussion Paper prepared for the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, 2019).