Student Working Paper Series

The CELRL Student Working Paper Series publishes the work of students in subjects taught as part of the labour relations law program of the Melbourne Law Masters, and employment and labour relations law subjects in the JD program. This series commenced in 2009.

These are currently edited by Ms Sayomi Ariyawansa. Please contact us with any queries, or if you would like to submit your work for publication.

No. Student Working Paper
24Slaughterhouse Blues: An Industry in Breach of Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Laws?
Jason Rudaizky
June 2018
23How Effective is Litigation as a Mechanism to Respond to, and Remedy, Pay Inequity? A Comparative Analysis of Experience in Australia, Canada and Britain
Joanna Fitch
July 2017 
22The Dismissal of the Implied Term of Mutual Trust and Confidence in Employment Contracts: Filling the Gap Left Behind
Oliver Wahlstrom-Schatt
July 2017 
21Collective Bargaining and Protected Industrial Action Under the Fair Work Act: Is There Tension?
Hugh Boulton
July 2017 
20 Are Social Media Policies Necessary? Analysing Company Policy and its Importance in the Regulation and Dismissal of Employees
Adrian Faelli
October 2016
19 The Public Policy Response to Workplace Bullying in Australia: Has Enough Been Done?
Aras Mollison
June 2016
18 Is There a Need for Reasonable Adjustments to Accommodate Pregnant Workers?
Artemis B Boyce
November 2015
17 Detection, Enforcement and Responsibility: Remedying Employer Non-Compliance with Superannuation Obligations
Angus Mackenzie
June 2015
16 Victims of Circumstance: Could a Transformative and Redistributive Approach to Equality Provide Better Protection from Maternity Leave Discrimination than the Sex Discrimination Act?
Christine Todd
June 2015
15 Making Rights Reality: The Role of Courts in Assisting Vulnerable Hospitality Workers to Bridge the Gap Between Rights Possession and Enforcement
Stephen Bajraszewski
November 2013
14 Changing Membership Eligibility Rules of Registered Organisations: A Review of Paths and Practicalities
Joanna Williams
September 2013
13 Experience Essential, Remuneration: None, The Legal Status of Internships
Clara Jordan-Baird
June 2013 
12 Measuring the Success of Employment Law in Addressing the Problems of Long Working Hours in Australia
Sarah Moore
June 2012
11 Adverse Action in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth): A Case of Unintended Consequences
Jennifer Winckworth
January 2012
10 Towards Fairness and Equality for Young Workers: Youth Wages and Minimum Shift Lengths
Lee Carnie
January 2012
9 Healthy Working Time: Evaluating Australia and its Available Industrial Instruments
Natasha Markovic
September 2011
8 Discrimination, Work and Family: Recent Regulatory Responses to Promote Equality
Shannon Fentiman
June 2011
7 The Problem of Workplace Bullying and the Difficulties of Legal Redress: An Australian Perspective
Caroline Kelly
May 2011
6 Vulnerability in the Fair Work-Place: Why unfair dismissal laws fail to adequately protect labour-hire employees in Australia
Trina Malone
May 2011
5 Trade Unions and the Freedom of Association - A Comparative Analysis of Work Choices and the Fair Work Act 2009
Ben Waugh
November 2010
4 Enforcing Workplace Rights: Evaluating Fair Work Reforms to the Federal Compliance Regime
Yuri Mijic
November 2010
3 Correcting Power Imbalances in Australian CEO Remuneration: Aligning the Interests of Shareholders and CEOs
Ashley Piper
June 2010
2 Protection of Independent Contractors under WorkChoices and the Fair Work Act: Improvement or Continuity?
Veronica Kaufman
June 2010
1 Recognition, Representation and Freedom of Association under the Fair Work Act 2009
Rosalind Read
July 2009