Working Papers

The Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law publishes the work of Centre Members, Associates and others in the field of employment and labour relations law in a periodic working paper series. Paper topics cover diverse aspects of the broad field of labour law and labour market regulation, including the regulation of individual work relationships, discrimination in the labour market, the operation of courts and other dispute resolution institutions, the regulation of occupational health and safety, collective labour relations, comparative labour law, international labour standards, and unemployment law and policy. The working paper series also reflects the Centre's ongoing research on the constitution and regulation of labour markets, both in Australia and abroad, with papers on labour law in the Asia-Pacific region, Southern Africa and Europe.

A full list of titles can be viewed below. In addition, selected working papers are available in pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the paper. To view these files, you will need Adobe Reader installed.

No. Working Paper
53 Organisational Policies and Australian Employment Law: A Preliminary Study of Interaction
Anna Chapman, John Howe & Susan Ainsworth
February 2015
52 Union Victimisation, the Reverse Onus and the Causal Link: The Development of Principles Prior to the Fair Work Act
Kathleen Love
November 2014
51 Australian Anti-Discrimination Law, Work, Care and Family
Anna Chapman
January 2012
50 Temporary Migrant Labour in Australia: The 457 Visa scheme and challenges for Labour Regulation
Iain Campbell and Joo-Cheong Tham
March 2011
49 The Broad Idea of Labour Law: Industrial Policy, Labour Market Regulation and Decent Work
John Howe
November 2010
48 Happiness as an Objective of Labour Law
Glenn Patmore
March 2010
47 Intersections between 'General Protections' under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and Anti-Discrimination Law: Questions, Quirks and Quandaries
Carol Andrades
December 2009
46 Employment Entitlements to Carer's Leave: Domesticating Diverse Subjectivities
*Published in an issue of the Griffith Law Review (2009), Vol 18, No 2.
Anna Chapman
November 2009
45 The Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada: Low-Skilled Workers as an Extreme Form of Flexible Labour
Judy Fudge and Fiona MacPhail
August 2009
44 Do Investment Attraction Incentives Create Decent Jobs? A Study of Labour Conditions in Industry Assistance Contracts
John Howe and Ingrid Landau
August 2008
43 'The Elephant in the Room': Working-Time Patterns of Solicitors in Private Practice in Melbourne
Iain Campbell, Jenny Malone and Sara Charlesworth
June 2008