Working Paper Archives

No.Working paper
42Protection of Employees in a Transmission of Business: What is left in the Wake of WorkChoices and Subsequent Statutory Amendments
Tess Hardy
November 2007
41Power and Scale: The Shifting Geography of Industrial Relations Law in Australia
Sally Weller
June 2007
40'Light Touch' Labour Regulation by State Governments in Australia: A Preliminary Assessment
John Howe and Ingrid Landau
December 2006
39Workers' Human Rights in Australia
Colin Fenwick
August 2006
38The 'Transplantability' Debate in Comparative Law and Comparative Labour Law: Implications for Australian Borrowing from European Labour Law
Anthony Forsyth
June 2006
37Compensation for Psychological Injuries Arising from Dismissal
Ben Gibson
March 2006
36Re-Inventing Unemployment: Welfare Reform as Labour Market Regulation
Anthony O'Donnell
October 2005
35Labour Law in Namibia: Towards an 'Indigenous Solution'?
Colin Fenwick
June 2005
34'Deregulation' of Labour Relations in Australia: Toward Command and Control
John Howe
April 2005
33What's Going On with the 'No Disadvantage Test'? An Analysis of Outcomes and Processes Under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth.)
Richard Mitchell, Rebecca Campbell, Andrew Barnes, Emma Bicknell, Kate Creighton, Joel Fetter and Samantha Korman
March 2005
32Conciliation, Mediation and Federal Human Rights Complaints: Are Rights Compromised?
Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou
January 2005
31The Legal Complexity of Workplace Regulation and Its Impact Upon Functional Flexibility in Australian Workplaces
Joel Fetter and Richard Mitchell
September 2004
30Law and Labour Law Market Regulation in East Asia and Southern Africa: Comparative Perspectives
Colin Fenwick and Evance Kalula
July 2004
29Crime, Health and Safety and Corporations: Meanings of the Failed Crimes (Workplace Deaths and Serious Injuries) Bill
Harry J. Glasbeek
February 2004
28Protecting Employee Entitlements from Foul Play: Reform of Insolvency Law in Australia
Adrian Murphy
May 2003
27Defining Sexual Harassment: A History of the Commonwealth Legislation and its Critiques
Gail Mason and Anna Chapman
March 2003
26The Strategic Use of Individual Employment Agreements: Three Case Studies
Joel Fetter
December 2002
25Human Resource Management and the Individualisation of Australian Industrial Relations
Richard Mitchell and Joel Fetter
August 2002
24Social Security and Labour Law: Constructing the Labour Market Subject
Anthony O'Donnell and Chris Arup
December 2001
23The Legal Regulation of Information in Australian Labour Markets: Information that is Required to be Disclosed by Employers to Employees and Trade Unions
Joo-Cheong Tham and Anna Chapman
September 2001
22The Legal Regulation of Information in Australian Labour Markets: Disclosure to Employers of Information about Employees
Anna Chapman and Joo Cheong Tham
April 2001
21Re-Regulatory Tendencies in Australian and New Zealand Labour Law
Anthony Forsyth
March 2001
20Immigrant Labour in Australia: The Regulatory Framework
Anthony O'Donnell and Richard Mitchell
August 2000
19Employment Protection and Employment Promotion: The Contested Terrain of Australian Labour Law
Chris Arup, John Howe, Richard Mitchell, Anthony O'Donnell and Joo-Cheong Tham
April 2000
18A Review and Integration of Research on Employee Participation in Australia 1983-1999
Michelle Brown & Susan Ainsworth
March 2000
17The Stake Holding Theory of Corporate Governance: Can It Deliver Upon Its Promises?
Shelley Marshall
March 2000
16Immigration Law and Policy, and its Contribution to Labour Market Regulation: A Historical Survey to 1979
Anthony O'Donnell and Richard Mitchell
February 2000
15Social Justice for Women? The ILO's Convention on Part-Time Work
Jill Murray
May 1998
14Industrial Democracy: Reconciling Theories of the Firm and State
Andrew Mitchell
December 1997
13Labour Law Under the New Order: The Interaction Between Workers' Rights and Economic Priorities in Indonesia
Justin M Fox
October 1997
12Valid Reasons for Termination of Employment
Anna Chapman, Breen Creighton, Richard Naughton and Wai-Quen Chan
January 1997
11Employee Involvement at the Workplace: Does the Law Provide Sufficient Incentive for Change
Richard Naughton
November 1996
10Competing Models of Worker Representation - The ILO Collective Bargaining Principles and Part VIB of the Industrial Relations Act 1988
Tim Sharard
June 1996
9New Directions in Occupational Health and Safety Prosecution: The Individual Liability of Corporate Officers, and Prosecutions for Industrial Manslaughter and Related Offences
Richard Johnstone
June 1996
8The Outcomes of Conciliation in Sex Discrimination Cases 
Rosemary Hunter and Alice Leonard
August 1995
7Indonesian Labour Law Under the New Order: The Military and Prospects for Change
Ian Fehring and Timothy Lindsey
June 1995
6The Obligation to Bargain in Good Faith: Inspired Innovation or Legislative Folly?
Richard Naughton
April 1995
5The Use of the External Affairs Power in the Industrial Relations Reform Act 1993
Katy Reade
April 1995
4Genuine and 'Post-Modern' Industrial Demands: The Impact of the State Public Services Federation Decision on Federal Tribunal
Stuart Kollmorgen and Jonathan Harvey
August 1994
3The Taxation Implications of Statutory Unlawful Terminations of Employment
Richard Mitchell and John Telfer
August 1994
2The Industrial Relations Reform Act 1993
Richard Naughton
May 1994
1The Political Economy of Work and Health for Women of Non-English Speaking Background
Amanda Cattermole
May 1994