2020 CILIS Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference

Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Papers to be presented

Speaker(s)Institution Country of Institution Paper Title
Mrs Arifah Millati AgustinaState Islamic University of Sunan KalijagaIndonesiaThe Adaptation of Nusantara's Culture in Forming 'Living Gender Fiqh' in Indonesia
Mr Mir Sadeq AnsariCharles Sturt UniversityAustraliaAl-Tahawi’s Approach to Qiraat (Quranic Readings) and his Use of Preference (Tarjih)
Mr Julio César Cárdenas ArenasComplutense University of Madrid, Spain / Islamic University of Medina, KSASpainThe Influence of Ibn Taymīyah's Thought on Ibn Bāz and Ibn ‘Uthaimīn in the Current Relationship of Muslims with Jews and Christians inside Iqtida ’al-ṣiraṭ al-mustaqīm
Ms Okta Nurul HidayatiGadjah Mada UniversityIndonesiaBuilding Piety Through Charity Activities: The Emergence of the Women's Piety Movement in Indonesia
Mr Masyhur HilmyBoston UniversityUSAIslam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling (with Samuel Bazzi and Benjamin Marx)
Mrs Nor IsmahLeiden UniversityThe NetherlandsAmplifying Authority: Female Ulama and Mass Mediated Fatwas in the Public Spheres of Indonesia
Mrs Sri LestariInternational University of JapanJapanThe Role of Muslim Religious Leaders in Reducing Forest and Peatland Fires  in Indonesia
Mr Muhammad Hafidz LidinillahWestern Sydney UniversityAustraliaIndonesia Hajj Funds Management Agency Law: Paradoxical Provisions
Mr Shaifurrokhman MahfudzWestern Sydney UniversityAustraliaIndonesian Government Policy on Islamic Economics Fatwas
Mrs Masyithah MardhatillahInstitut Agama Islam Negeri MaduraIndonesiaMadurese Divorcee Women and their Negotiation of Social Stigma
Mr Murtaza MohiqiFerdowsi University of MashhadIranWomen's Rights in the Constitutions of Islamic Countries (Case Study: The New Constitution of Afghanistan)
Miss Alyssa MoohinThe University of MelbourneAustraliaThe West's Jihadists
Ms Aurora Nurhidayah RifaniUniversity of IndonesiaIndonesiaMedia Activism: Reinterpretation and Digital Sisterhood in Indonesian Social Media
Mr Jay RyderThe University of MelbourneAustraliaExamining the Cultural and Religious Origins of Veiling in Islamic Tradition
Mr Muhammad Edo Suryawan SiregarUniversitas Padjadjaran, BandungIndonesiaAnalysis of Financial Performance Based on Regulation, Efficiency, Corporate Governance and its Effect on Sustainability Disclosure of Indonesian Islamic Banks 2009-2018
Mr Samir Sweida-MetwallyThe University of BristolUnited KingdomEthnic Inequalities and the Muslim Penalty: Labour Market Dynamics of Ethno-religious Groups in Britain
Mr Max WaldenThe University of MelbourneAustraliaIndonesia's Transition to Democracy, Civil Society and Islam