‘Islam and Covid-19 in Indonesia’
Online Conference

9 November, 2021

Hosted by:
Indonesian Democracy Hallmark Research Initiative (IDeHaRI)

Co-hosted by:
Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII)
Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS), The University of Melbourne
National Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies, The University of Melbourne

Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim society and home to some of the world’s largest Muslim organisations, with high levels of infection and many deaths. This online conference, a joint initiative of the new Indonesian International Islamic University and the University of Melbourne, explores how Muslims and Islamic institutions have responded to the pandemic. Leading experts from Indonesia and Australia will debate a wide range of issues, including Muslim leadership and the responses of women leaders, Islam and disaster management, the impact on Islamic education (pesantren and universities), and the politics of halal vaccination, among others.

Prominent speakers will cover the following topics:

  • Islamic thought and responses to Covid-19;
  • Covid-19, Islam and disaster management;
  • Covid-19 and Islamic leadership;
  • Women, Islam and Covid-19;
  • The role of Islamic women in community groups during the pandemic;
  • The impact of the pandemic on pesantren;
  • The impact of the pandemic on Islamic higher education; and
  • Halal and vaccination issues.

The conference will be followed the next day by the CILIS Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference on 10 November 2021.