'Crime and Punishment in Indonesia' Workshop and Book Launch

Wednesday 10 March, 2021
Hosted by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the Jentera School of Law, the Center for Court Research and Advocacy (LeIP), the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society, Melbourne Law School and  Hukumonline

Indonesia’s criminal law system faces major challenges. Despite the country’s transition to democracy, both the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code are badly out of date, and the regulatory, police, judicial and corrections systems all need urgent reform.

This webinar provides an assessment of the state of criminal law, law enforcement and penal policy in Indonesia. Covering a wide range of areas of criminal law, expert speakers (including Professor Topo Santoso, University of Indonesia) will discuss recent efforts at reform and their prospects for success.

At the workshop, Professor Todung Mulya Lubis will launch Crime and Punishment in Indonesia (Editors: Tim Lindsey, Helen Pausacker, Routledge 2021). Speakers at the event contributed chapters to this new book .

Image: ‘Crime and Punishment in Indonesia’, Geoff Todd, 2020

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