Director's Welcome

Competitive markets deliver benefits that Australians value – consumer choice, affordable prices, innovation in goods and services, among them. The regulation of competition to ensure the delivery of such benefits has been a government policy with bipartisan support for over 30 years in this country. It is a policy shared by more than 100 governments around the world. However, competition regulation raises many challenging questions of both design and implementation. How do we define and measure competition for this purpose? What are the costs of competition? How do we balance the costs and the benefits? Who should decide when the rules of competition have been broken? What tests should apply and what information is necessary for their application? What should be the consequences for the companies and individuals responsible for breaking the rules?

These are some of the key questions that engage members of the Competition Law & Economics Network. We are a network of people engaged in researching and teaching, individually and collaboratively, in this exciting and significant interdisciplinary field. Members of the Network are associated with a wide range of research and teaching activities in areas of law, economics, regulation, sociology and other disciplines with a bearing on the regulation of competition. They are affiliated with one or more of the faculties of the University of Melbourne, including the Melbourne Law School, the Faculty of Business & Economics and the Melbourne Business School. They include full-time academics, as well as practitioners and regulators, from around Australia and the world.

We hope that you enjoy learning about the extensive range of competition law and economics-related activities at the University of Melbourne from our Network website.

Professor Caron Beaton-Wells
Director, Competition Law & Economics Network

People Involved in the Network

Members of the Network are individuals affiliated with the University of Melbourne who contribute to the research and/or teaching activity of the University in relevant areas. Members include full-time academics and members of the legal profession. Several Network Members are from leading overseas institutions.

The University's Higher Research Degree students undertaking research at doctoral or masters level in competition law or economics-related fields are also associated with the Network.

Visiting academics researching or teaching in competition law or economics-related fields are welcome to be associated with the Network and participate in its range of activities.

The Network benefits from advice and support from key advisors who are senior members of the profession.

Activities of the Network

The University of Melbourne teaches a wide range of subjects, at undergraduate and graduate levels, related to competition law and economics. The graduate offerings of the Melbourne Law School in this area are unsurpassed in Australia. For more about what and how we teach in competition law and economics related subjects at the University, read here.

Members of the Network research a diverse range of topics related to competition law and economics, including cartel regulation, merger control, the competition law and intellectual property interface, consumer protection, regulatory reform, network regulation and the economics of innovation. For more about our research in competition law and economics related subjects at the University, read here.

The flagship event of the Network is the Annual Baxt Lecture in Competition Law. Network members also offer various seminars on a regular basis, including the Competition Law Overview Seminar and the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association Master Class in Competition Law.

Associated Bodies

Members of the Competition Law & Economics Network are also members of a number of organisations associated with competition law and economics.

Become Involved

If you would like to learn more about ways to become involved in the Competition Law & Economics Network, whether as a student, researcher, teacher or visitor at the University, please contact the Director, Caron Beaton-Wells.