The CMCL has a team of Directors from the Melbourne Law School, as well as Associates from across the University of Melbourne, and Research Staff. It is assisted by an Advisory Board representing a wide variety of expertise in media and communications industries and legal practices, and receives support from the Melbourne Law School as well as external and research partners.

The Centre runs a number of events and seminars every year that are open to the public. To be alerted of upcoming events please join the mailing list.

It is the editorial base for the Media & Arts Law Review, a leading refereed journal in the field. Content from 2006 onward is available internationally in digital full text, from its publisher LexisNexis , as well as in paper form.

A number of other CMCL publications are available online or from the CMCL.

IPRIA has a Director from the Melbourne Law School. It was established to increase the understanding, creation, use and exploitation of intellectual property by Australian organisations and individuals. The focus is to move understanding and engagement with intellectual property from a technical to a strategic consideration. Intellectual property in this context is broader than formal intellectual property rights and includes the management of knowledge, personnel and intangible assets.


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  • undertakes large scale research projects;
  • holds public seminars about legal and regulatory developments;
  • supports research visits from Australian and international academics, lawyers and policy makers; and
  • supervises undergraduate and graduate teaching and research in media and communications law.


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  • support and generate development of high-level public policy in relation to intellectual property issues:
  • optimise the protection, management and exploitation of intellectual property by all Australian stakeholders, including research institutions, public and private sector interests; and
  • help create an informed environment for, and contribute to, on-going public debate in Australia about intellectual property issues and related matters, including innovation policy and economic growth.