2018 Media & Arts Law Review

  • Issue 1


    • Doing art work: Patronage, precarity, and beyond
      Jonathan Barrett
    • Analysing the harms of ambush marketing after Australian Olympic Committee v Telstra
      Emily Hudson
    • A risky business: Immersive theatre and the law of negligence
      Sasha Di Sipio

    New Zealand Media Law Update

    • Ursula Cheer

    Book Review

    • ANZAC: The Landing, The Legend, The Law by Catherine Bond
      Amanda Scardamaglia
    • The Commercial Appropriation of Fame: A Cultural Analysis of the Right of Publicity and Passing Off by David Tan
      Melissa de Zwart
  • Issue 2


    • Adapting defamation law reform to online publication
      J C Gibson
    • A response to legal justifications for amending s 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act
      Luke Chircop
    • Anonymity and pseudonymity: Free speech’s problem children
      Peter Coe
    • ‘Serial’ concerns: The rise of ‘new true crime’ journalism in the United States, and corresponding legal impediments in Australia
      Hope Williams

    Singapore Media Law Update

    • Privacy and the action for breach of confidence in Singapore — ANB v ANC
      Benjamin Wong YongQuan
    • Issue 3


      • The art of crime: The application of literary proceeds of crime confiscation legislation to visual art
        Natalie Skead and Jani McCutcheon
      • Toward a proprietary interest in personal information
        Eli Fisher
      • Politics of community radio: The violation of the right to freedom of expression by the Botswana Government
        Letshwiti Batlhalefi B Tutwane
      • Data retention and its implications for journalists and their sources: A way forward
        Madeleine Wall

      Case Note

      • Rebel without a cause of action: Bauer Media Pty Ltd v Wilson [No 2]
        Hope Williams
    • Issue 4


      • ‘Posting’ the law: Emerging narratives of law and justice within social media discourses
        Cassandra Sharp


      • What’s in a hashtag? Vulnerability as a transformative disposition within social media
        Cassandra Sharp
      • ‘So the justice system was to blame yet again’: Discourses of betrayal and retribution on Facebook
        Kate Tubridy
      • Posting the presidency: Cartoon politics in a social media landscape
        Sara Polak
      • Logged in and fed up: Responding to gendered violence in online spaces
        Olivia Todhunter
      • Social media in social security decision-making in Australia: An archive of truth?
        Lyndal Sleep and Kieran Tranter
      • Incongruent selves in social media and privacy law: Proposing a humanistic psychological intervention
        Yvonne Apolo