Democratic Practices of Governance Given ADM

Project details

Research Program: Institutions

Workstream 2: SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE: Democracy, Sustainability and Personality

Project Summary
This project examines possibilities for democratic practice, institutions and governance given ADM. It focuses on challenges to and opportunities for liberal and democratic institutions and governance presented by ADM. The project aims to bridge analysis of ADM’s deployment across different domains with scholarly literature on republican and positive freedom, the rule of law and liberal democratic rights. Overall, the project seeks to develop a theoretically rich analysis of democracy and freedom given ADM and apply the analysis to specific examples of current regulatory and democratic challenge.

Project Team

  • Professor Megan Richardson (Lead)
  • Professor Andrew Kenyon (Co-Lead)
  • Professor Andrew Roberts
  • Dr Anjalee de Silva
  • Dr Aitor Jiménez González
  • Lisa Archbold

Funding (2020)

ARC Centre of Excellence Automated Decision-Making and Society