Governing ADM Use

Project details

Research Program: Institutions

Workstream 2: SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE: Democracy, Sustainability and Personality

Project Summary
This project critically examines the implications of expansion of ADM in the commercial and private sectors to a range of areas of law and business regulation (including and going beyond areas such as privacy/data protection, platform governance, defamation and free speech, traditionally thought to relate to ADM) to implications for other intersecting areas of business law (including consumer protection and misleading advertising, workplace safety, environmental responsibilities, corporate governance, etc). This project considers how the expansion of ADM is likely to impact on the governance of intersecting “sustainability” and ethical concerns (incl eco sustainability, social sustainability and sustainability of personal identity).

Project Team

  • Professor Christine Parker (Lead)
  • Professor Fiona Haines
  • Dr Loup Cellard

Funding (2020)

ARC Centre of Excellence Automated Decision-Making and Society