New approaches to data governance

Project details

Research Program: Institutions

Workstream 1: Transforming concepts of data ethics, rights and ownership for ADM

Project Summary
To date, no research exists that classifies the growing diversity of ADM machines or describes the relations between them. Instead, ADM systems are typically examined as distinct technologies in isolation from each other. This Workstream provides a systematic conceptual overview of the ADM landscape to develop an innovative three-dimensional taxonomy. It provides a categorisation of ADM that will support work across the Centre. The resulting taxonomy will specifically inform and be informed by the Data Program (Workstreams 1 and 3) and the Institutions Program (Workstream 1), and will underpin the machines mapping project.

Project Team

  • Professor Dan Hunter
    (Swinburne University) (Lead)
  • Professor Christopher Leckie
  • Dr Jake Goldenfein

Funding (2020)

ARC Centre of Excellence Automated Decision-Making and Society