Samuel Alexander

Samuel Alexander has an LLB from the University of Otago, New Zealand, and an LLM (Hons) from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. After graduating Sam practiced employment law in Christchurch, New Zealand, before joining Melbourne Law School in 2006 as a PhD student. Sam's thesis is titled 'Voluntary Simplicity: Towards a Post-growth Theory of Property' (supervisors Lee Godden and Jenny Beard). Sam has also founded the Life Poets' Simplicity Collective ( which is a grass roots environmental organization dedicated to creatively promoting and celebrating sustainable culture.

Anita Foerster

Anita Foerster completed a double degree in Geography and Law (Honours) at the Australian National University. She joined the law school as a PhD candidate in 2005, researching the law, policy and practice of environmental water allocation. Anita's thesis is titled 'Law, policy and practice for ecologically sustainable water allocation and management? An analysis of institutional developments to provide for environmental water needs in the Murray-Darling Basin (NSW and Victoria), 1994-2008' and was co-supervised by Lee Godden and Jacqueline Peel.

Virginie Tassin

Virginie Tassin completed her PhD titled 'The Extension of the Continental Shelf: sanctioning a new relationship of the state of its territory'. This project was conducted under a Cotutelle agreement between the University of Melbourne and La Sorbonne University, Paris. It was co-supervised by Stuart Kaye, Andrew Mitchell and Jean-Marc Sorel (Sorbonne University).

Takele Bulto (2012)

Takele Bulto holds LLB and MA degrees from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, and an LLM degree from University of Pretoria, South Africa. Takele worked as a judge and lecturer in Ethiopia and a visiting lecturer at the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria. He also worked as Programme Coordinator for Child Rights and Child Rights Programming in Eastern and Central African Regional Office of Save the Children, Sweden. Just before taking up his PhD studies at Melbourne Law School Takele was a Legal Officer in a PanAfrican Pioneer NGO. Takele's thesis is entitled 'The Imperatives of Extraterritorial Application of the Human Right to Water: A Case Study of the Nile Basin' and explores the operationalisation of the emerging human right to water in Africa (supervisors Jacqueline Peel and Carolyn Evans).

Angus Frith (2014)

Angus Frith's PhD thesis is entitled, 'Sustainable Indigenous Entities for Making Agreements' and is co-supervised by Lee Godden, Professor Marcia Langton (Centre for Health and Society, Melbourne School of Population Health) and Maureen Tehan.

Yoriko Otomo (2013)

Yoriko Otomo has worked in several government and non-government environmental organisations, and has contributed to publications relating to sustainable development, environmental law and humanitarian issues. Her doctoral thesis on The Changing Landscapes of Risk (supervised by Anne Orford) seeks to develop a semiology of law through a poststructural feminist analysis of key texts within the law of occupation and international economic law. Yoriko is teaching the undergraduate Environmental Law subject at Melbourne Law School.

Rafael Plaza (2013) 

Rafael Plaza is an expert in Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Law. As specialist legal counsellor, Mr. Plaza has vast experience in regulated markets, international business transactions, taxation and comparative applied legal research. Rafael conducted his PhD thesis on Transnational Power Transmission, a study aimed at exploring international legal mechanisms to further power grids interconnections, unrestrained cross border power transit and the integration of renewable sources of energy into domestic energy matrices.

Hao Zhang (2014)

Hao Zhang is currently studying his PhD titled 'Legal risks of payment scheme of carbon trade and its judicial remedy in China'. This project is being co-supervised by Lee Godden and Sarah Biddulph.