Past Research Projects

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Past CREEL projects

  • Brad Jessup, Land use planning, pipelines and the urban fringe’ (2017) (2011-2012). Brad received a grant ($45,000) from the Energy Pipelines CRC to research the planning law and policy influence on urban development on the fringe, which is increasingly encroaching on pipeline infrastructure. This applied aspect of the project was undertaken in 2011 and completed in early 2012. The next stage of the research project has been to situate this research within concepts of risk, geography and resilience. In 2017 Brad presented and published research on the role of planning laws and pipeline regulation to materialise and informate otherwise invisible legal geographies.
  • Jacqueline Peel and Hari Osofsky, 'Transition to a Clean Energy Future: The Role of Climate Change Litigation in Shaping our Regulatory Path' (ARC Discovery Project 2013-2015).
  • Lee Godden, Jacqueline Peel, Mr Matthew Bell, Francine Rochford (La Trobe University), Rachel Carter (La Trobe University), Jude Wallace (Melbourne School of Engineering), John Handmer (RMIT) Governance Models for Adaptationand Natural Disaster Risk Management: Legal, Regulatory, Institutional and Financial Assessment (VCCCAR Grant 2012-2014).
  • Maureen Tehan, Lee Godden, Margaret Young and Kirsty Gover, 'Climate Change Law and Mitigation: Forest Carbon Sequestration and Indigenous and Local Community Rights' (ARC Discovery Project 2011-2013).
    Visit Climate Change Law and Mitigation for further information.
  • M. Langton, Maureen Tehan, M Stewart, Lee Godden, CS O'Faircheallaigh, J Taylor, LM Strelein 'Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Economic Empowerment, Wealth Creation and Institutional Reform for Sustainable Indigenous and Local Communities' (ARC Linkage Project 2009-2012).
  • Lee Godden, Jacqueline Peel and R Keenan 'Responding to Climate Change: Australia's Environmental Law and Regulatory Framework' (ARC Discovery Project 2009-2011).
  • Jacqueline Peel 'Californian Climate Change Law - Lessons for Australia', (United States Studies Centre Research Grant, 2009).
  • Jacqueline Peel and Lee Godden, Small Grants Scheme funding (2004-7) from Melbourne Law School for approximately $20,000 over 4 years to pursue joint projects in the areas of quarantine and international trade law; risk management; and inter-disciplinary approaches in environmental law. These projects have been used as pilot studies to generate an initial research base and supporting publications to allow more in-depth research supported by ARC funding.
  • Jacqueline Peel and Lee Godden 'Developing a Governance and Regulation Framework for Addressing Issues of Climate Change' (Faculty Small Grants Scheme, 2007).
  • Lee Godden and Maureen Tehan, 'Managing Competing Claims to Land and Resources - Does Property Law Promote Sustainability' ARC (Commonwealth Competitive) grant (2005).
  • M. Langton, L. Palmer, Maureen Tehan and Lee Godden, 'The Implementation of Agreements and Treaties with Indigenous and Local Peoples in Postcolonial States' ARC (Commonwealth Competitive) grant (2005).