The Disability Law Network (DLN) is an academic research network for MLS scholars to share ideas, collaborate in relation to law reform and research opportunities and promote disability research and teaching at Melbourne Law School and beyond.

It is one of several Disability Research Hubs which are located in different faculties throughout the UoM established by the Melbourne Disability Institute (MDI). The scope of the DLN encompasses the entire spectrum of ways in which disability and law intersect including mental health and mental capacity law, disability legislation, human rights law, discrimination, equality and inclusion law and policies, labour law, social security and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), criminal law and technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With such a wide remit, the DLN seeks to collaborate and build relationships with other research centres at MLS and other Disability Research Hubs in other faculties at UoM. While the focus of the DLN is on academic research and developing legal education concerning disability, it also aims to increase awareness of disability issues at MLS and to ensure that the voices of persons with disabilities are heard.