BREXIT, free trade agreements and labour law

The United Kingdom is in the process of BREXIT.  This will have major implications for many legal disciplines, including labour law with modern British law heavily influenced by EU obligations.  As an uncertain United Kingdom moves to an era of bilateral free trade agreements, how far will it be possible to retain the European social model in free trade arrangements, and what possibilities are there for building on existing agreements to expand labour rights 'protection'?   What lessons can be learned from TPP and TTIP?

Keith Ewing is Professor of Public Law at King's College London. Before this position he worked at the Universities of Edinburgh (1978–83) and Cambridge (1983–89) and has also held visiting positions at various institutions overseas, including the universities of Queensland and Sydney. He is the President of the Institute of Employment Rights (a trade union funded think tank), and Vice President of the International Centre of Trade Union Rights.