Book Launch

Australia’s FTAs with China, Asia and Beyond

Joint book launch presented by The Hon Andrew Robb AO,
Former Minister for Trade and Investment

The Global Economic Law Network would like to thank the Hon Andrew Robb AO for
taking the time to present our two new publications 'Regulatory Autonomy in
International Law: The Evolution of Australian Policy on Trade and Investment'
and 'The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st Century Model.

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The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st Century Model

Edited by Dean of Law Colin B Picker (University of Wollongong), Associate Professor Heng Wang (UNSW) and Dr Weihuan Zhou (UNSW)

This book provides readers with a unique opportunity to learn about one of the new regional trade agreements (RTAs), the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA.) It explores many new features that were not present when the WTO or early RTAs were negotiated. It provides insights and lessons about new and important trade issues for the twenty-first century, such as the latest approaches to the regulation of investment, twenty-first century services and the emerging digital/knowledge economy. In addition, this book provides new understandings of the latest RTA approaches of China and Australia. The book's contributors, all foremost experts on their subject matter within this field, explore the inclusion of many traditional trade and investment agreement features in the ChAFTA, showing their continuing relevance in modern contexts. read more

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Regulatory Autonomy in International Economic Law: The Evolution of Australian Policy on Trade and Investment

Authored by Professor Andrew D Mitchell (Melbourne Law School), Ms Elizabeth Sheargold (Melbourne Law School) and Professor Tania Voon (Melbourne Law School)

Regulatory Autonomy in International Economic Law provides the first extensive legal analysis of Australia’s trade and investment treaties in the context of their impact on national regulatory autonomy. This thought-provoking study offers compelling lessons for not only Australia but also countries around the globe in relation to pressing current problems, including the uncertain future of the World Trade Organization and widespread concerns about the legitimacy of investor–State dispute settlement. read more