The New Plurilateralism: Global Economic Governance in the Age of (CP)TPP, Brexit and Trump

Melbourne Law School
Level 9, Room 920
185 Pelham St
Carlton VIC 3053


About the seminar

A new network of plurilateral trade and investment agreements is poised to significantly supplant the existing international economic governance structure (the multilateral World Trade Organization and the separate network of bilateral investment treaties). Meanwhile, scholarly and public debate about the merits and implications of agreements such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership continues to grow. This project analyses these developments in order to contribute to a greater understanding of the impact of emerging global economic governance norms on existing multilateral and bilateral agreements and on domestic regulatory governance.

About the speaker

Associate Professor Wagner teaches and writes in the areas of international law, constitutional law and comparative law. His recent scholarship has focused on the development of autonomous weaponry and its compatibility with international humanitarian law and various aspects of international economic law. The latter includes work on second and third generation barriers to trade (including measures to regulate toxicity and other public health measures) as well as comparisons between the global trade and investment regimes. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Journal of World Trade, the Harvard Journal of International Law, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, and the Fordham International Law Journal.