IILAH focuses on encouraging the work of younger scholars and those developing new approaches to the field of international law, and facilitates engagement between scholars and the community of professionals and activists working on issues of international law and governance. It has developed networks with scholars in international law and the humanities from Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, France, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. IILAH is currently focusing on developing links with scholars in the global South, in order to explore the shared legal legacies of colonialism. 

At the heart of IILAH are its research programmes, which undertake and facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects both within the University of Melbourne and internationally. Diverse areas of international legal scholarship are brought together under the same umbrella, encouraging new intra-disciplinary conversations and challenges, as well as interdisciplinarity.

In addition to its research programmes, IILAH is the Melbourne Law School home of the Indigenous Nation Building project, which examines the theory and practice of Indigenous 'nation building' in Australia in order to promote Indigenous self-governing authority and capacity.

Among its many other activities, IILAH hosts visits of distinguished and emerging international scholars; organises conferences, public lectures, workshops and reading groups; and supervises and supports the work of graduate research students

Aims & Objectives

  • To integrate the study of international law with contemporary approaches to the humanities
  • To facilitate and promote innovative scholarship and critical thinking
  • To strengthen the role of Melbourne Law School as a leading centre of research in international law and the humanities
  • To support the work of younger scholars
  • To encourage engagement between scholars and activists, and scholars and professionals
  • To develop networks with scholars in international law and the humanities, especially in the global south