Indigeneity: Before and Beyond the Law

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Indigeneity: Before and Beyond the Law

By Kathleen Birrell

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Examining contested notions of indigeneity, and the positioning of the Indigenous subject before and beyond the law, this book focuses upon the animation of indigeneities within textual imaginaries, both literary and juridical. Engaging the philosophy of Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin, as well as other continental philosophy and critical legal theory, the book uniquely addresses the troubled juxtaposition of law and justice in the context of Indigenous legal claims and literary expressions, discourses of rights and recognition, postcolonialism and resistance in settler nation states, and the mutually constitutive relation between law and literature.

Dr Kathleen Birrell is a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne Law School.  Her research is strongly interdisciplinary, encompassing property law, native title, environmental and climate change law, human rights law and intersections between Indigenous peoples and the law, as well as critical legal theory, philosophy of law, sociolegal studies and law and literature.  Her postdoctoral project investigates intersections between the global imperatives of international climate change initiatives and associated legal frameworks and their domestic implementation, international human rights, and the narratives of Indigenous communities.