Implications of AI Technologies for Human Rights



About the seminar

Professor Karen Yeung will discuss some of her findings emerging from a research study she has recently undertaken as part of a Council of Europe study of the implications of Advanced Digital Technologies (Including AI Systems) for the concept of responsibility within a human rights framework. The study was prompted by concerns about the potential adverse consequences of advanced digital technologies, and in particular, their impact on the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms. A copy of her paper is available here.

This event is a collaboration between the Institute for International Law and the Humanities, The Centre for Corporate Law and the Transactional Law Group.

About the speaker

Karen Yeung is the University of Birmingham’s first Interdisciplinary Chair, taking up the post of Interdisciplinary Professorial Fellow in Law, Ethics and Informatics at the University of Birmingham in the School of Law and the School of Computer Science in January 2018. She has been a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Melbourne Law School since 2016.

Karen is actively involved in several technology policy and related initiatives in the UK and worldwide, including those concerned with the governance of AI, one of her key research interests. Her research expertise lies in the regulation and governance of, and through, new and emerging technologies. Her work has been at the forefront of nurturing ‘law, regulation and technology’ as a sub-field of legal and interdisciplinary scholarship.