Laying Down the Law: Americans as Makers of Legal Worlds in Occupied Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan

About the seminar

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This talk will explore how at the close of WWII American agencies in occupied Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan designed and implemented the two greatest law reform projects in the history of the world. It describes how a central—if elusive—aim  of American policy was to secure permanent peace through the compulsory reconstruction of Germany and Japan as liberal rule of law states.

About the presenter

Dr. Rande W. Kostal is a Professor of Law and History at Western University in London, Canada. His published works include Law and English Railway Capitalism 1825-1875 (OUP-Clarendon, 1994), A Jurisprudence of Power: Victorian Empire and the Rule of Law (OUP-Clarendon, 2005) and Laying Down the Law: The American Legal Revolutions in Occupied Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (forthcoming, Harvard University Press, 2019).