About the workshop

The focus of this workshop, bought together leading experts and researchers from Australia and overseas, is on comparative assessment of important aspects of governance and regulation of charities. This workshop formed part of a larger project, funded by the Australian Research Council, which undertook a comprehensive and comparative investigation of governance and enforcement in the charitable sector in a number of jurisdictions, with particular focus on Australia. The charitable sector is an essential part of the social fabric and economy in a number of jurisdictions. The detailed comparative evaluation facilitated during this workshop will enable identification of problematic issues, as well as development of policies, recommendations and reforms. As part of the presentations, Rosemary Langford presented her draft findings and recommendations and welcomed feedback.

The workshop consisted of papers on a number of important topics concerning governance and regulation of charities from a comparative perspective. Day 1 of the workshop (on 2 May 2022) was held in hybrid format, with participants having the option of either attending in-person at Melbourne Law School or attending online (or a mixture of both). Day 2 of the workshop (on 3 May) was fully online, with sessions run by presenters from a number of jurisdictions.

Please direct any inquiries to Rosemary Langford.

This workshop is part of a larger project entitled 'Restoring Public Trust in Charities - Reforming Governance and Enforcement'.

Chapters based on a number of the presentations at this workshop will be published in an edited collection in 2023 (Rosemary Teele Langford (ed), Governance and Regulation of Charities: International and Comparative Perspectives (Edward Elgar, 2023, forthcoming).
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