Sharing the Wealth: Tax and Justice in The Slow Growth Era

ARC Discovery Project

Project Overview

Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP210100924

This project aims to address fundamental problems of injustice in taxation emerging in the transition to a slow growth economy in Australia and globally. The project applies interdisciplinary approaches to generate new knowledge that aims to update frameworks for justice in taxation, refreshing out-dated 20th century ethical and legal approaches. Collaborative legal and philosophy analysis by leading scholars in Australia and the United States will respond to contemporary conditions of slow growth, wage stagnation, wealth inequality, population aging and longevity. Project outcomes will include tax reform proposals to benefit policy makers and enrich public debate on tax justice for 21st century economic and fiscal  conditions.

Research Outputs


20 May 2022
Sharing the Wealth: Tax Justice in the Slow Growth Era. View the program and presentation slides.

Project team

Chief Investigators

  • Professor Miranda Stewart, (Melbourne Law School)
  • Associate Professor Daniel Halliday, (Political Philosophy, Faculty of Arts)
  • Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Brennan, (Australian National University)

Partner Investigators

  • Professor Liam Murphy, (New York University School of Law)
  • Professor Miranda Fleischer, (University of San Diego School of Law)


  • Ms Monica Hope, PhD Candidate, (Melbourne Law School)