Media, Communication, Publics

25-26 February | Melbourne Law School | Conference
The biennual CMCL conference showcased papers from international and local scholars over two days.

Keynote speakers:
Dr Mark Andrejevic
University of Queensland
Professor Tanya Aplin King’s College London
Dr Alana Maurushat University of NSW

The State of Suppresssion Orders in Victoria and NSW

In association with Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers

13 & 14 May | Gilbert + Tobin, Melbourne and Sydney

Peter Leonard (Chair), Partner, Gilbert + Tobin
Jason Bosland Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Law School
Peter Bartlett Partner, Minter Ellison
Gail Hambly Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, Fairfax Media
The Hon. Justice Bernard Bongiorno AO (Discussant), Judge in Residence, Melbourne Law School

Policing Political Speech: Japan’s Mistrust of the Marketplace

In association with the Asian Law Centre, Melbourne Law

29 August | Melbourne Law School | Public Lecture

Speaker: Professor Dan Rosen Chuo University

Chair: Professor Andrew Kenyon Melbourne Law School

Electoral campaigning in Japan is heavily regulated, with strict limitations and controls over the form and content of political speech. The system has been hesitant to embrace new technology; the July 2013 election for the upper house of the Diet was the first in which internet campaigning was allowed, following amendments to Japan’s electoral law earlier this year. This presentation considered the new law in the context of overall campaign regulation in Japan, and explored the effects of the current system on democracy and freedom of speech.

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (Crtc)

10 July | Melbourne Law School

Speaker: Jean-Pierre Blais CRTC Chair

Chair: Andrew Kenyon Melbourne Law School

A discussion with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Chair, Jean-Pierre Blais. The CRTC is an independent public organisation that regulates and supervises the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications systems.

Australian Law Reform Commission’s Discussion Paper on Copyright and the Digital Economy

16 July | Melbourne Law School

Speaker: Jill McKeough Australian Law Reform Commission

Chair: David Lindsay Monash University

A roundtable discussion with Professor Jill McKeough on the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Discussion Paper on Copyright and the Digital Economy (DP 79), hosted by the Centre for Media and Communications Law. Professor McKeough was the Commissioner at the ALRC with particular responsibility for the Copyright and the Digital Economy Inquiry. After a brief welcome from Professor Megan Richardson, the discussion was introduced and chaired by Associate Professor David Lindsay of Monash University.

IP Trends in The European Union: An Overview of Recent Decisions of The Court of Justice

26 November | Melbourne Law School
Speaker: Enrico Bonadio City University London

The talk focused on some recent decisions released by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the field of intellectual property law.

New Developments in UK Copyright Law, Including Open Access Publishing

10 December | Melbourne Law School

Speaker: Estelle Derclaye Professor of IP, University of Nottingham

Following the Hargreaves review, UK copyright law is slowly but surely being transformed/reformed. After the adoptionof the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act (ERRA) in 2013, the Intellectual Property Bill was being considered and included changes to design and patent law. Copyright exceptions were also on the government’s agenda.