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Katie Robertson
Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson is the Associate Director at the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness, focused primarily on the Centre’s domestic engagement. She is also the Director of the Stateless Legal Clinic, which she founded in 2021. She holds a BA/LLB (Hons) and LLM (Public and International Law) from the University of Melbourne.

Katie’s research focuses on the legal rights of stateless children in Australia, with a particular focus on the legal and administrative barriers faced by stateless asylum seeker and refugee children in obtaining Australian citizenship.

As a human rights lawyer with over ten years of experience internationally and in Australia, Katie has first-hand experience acting for stateless asylum seeker and refugee children. She is interested in examining the challenges faced by both these children and the legal practitioners assisting them, with the overall aim of improving the quality and accessibility of legal services available to stateless children in Australia.

Katie is Co-Chair of the Stateless Children Australia Network.

Katie balances her time at the Centre with her role as the Assistant Director of the Melbourne Law School Clinics and teaches in the JD Program.

Katie's full bio and list of publications can be read on LinkedIn Profile and Twitter.