2020 Course

2020 Course Participants
2020 Course Participants

"I did not expect I would leave with several action points to take forward to my country, after being given such a thorough understanding of concepts and a range of aspects that surround the topic of statelessness. This was the best possible amalgamation of everything to learn on the topic." Elaine Alam, FACES Pakistan, Founder Member/Secretary General

"The Intensive Course places you right in the middle of tumultuous area of law – citizenship, statelessness and human rights. In a short span of 5 days, the course introduces you to key concepts in international law as well as comparative nationality laws from various parts of the world. It gives you an extra pair of eyes to see the problem (and solutions) from socio-legal vantage point. The contributors are professors from the best universities and international organisations – and given the rich experience of every attendee - each one of them is a contributor as well. Highly recommend!" Talha Abdul Rahman, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India

"What an outstanding week of learning and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. We may have come from 15 countries, but we share a common cause in our passion for the rights of people who have been left stateless. Although I come from a non-law background, I found the course very well-pitched and informative from a wide range of perspectives. We learnt about many different contexts that were unfamiliar to me – and I was constantly impressed by the calibre of teachers who gave their time to share their knowledge – both external lecturers and our own classmates. I will recommend this course as widely as possible." Cassie Cohen, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

"The course provides a comprehensive overview and in-depth analysis on the theoretical framework and current issues on statelessness. Participants from all sectors bring their hands-on experience to the discussion is highly valuable. Highly recommend for practitioners and scholars in the field." Qifan Wang, UNHCR

"I came into this course having mostly focused and worked with the issue of asylum seekers only. This intensive provided me with an exceptional background and context to statelessness, which has definitely motivated me to look at it more closely, both academically and beyond. As a recent graduate it was not only a pleasure but an honour to be part of a group where participants had come in with incredible professional experiences. This chance of networking and learning, both from panelists and fellow participants has provided me with an important basis for a professional career, which I am about to enter." Voja Gleichgewicht, refugee advocate and Melbourne Law School graduate