2021 Course

We could not have been more pleased with the success of our first online course, which ran in February 2021. An outstanding cohort of participants joined us from a total of 14 countries (Japan; Nepal; Uzbekistan; Vietnam; South Korea; Cambodia; USA; Samoa; New Zealand; Myanmar; Fiji; Iran; Dominican Republic; India and Australia.)  The group comprised academics, government officials, lawyers, representatives from non-government organisations and human rights bodies and the UNHCR. Contrary to our concerns that the online format would hinder a sense of collegiality during the course, we found that a rapport was quickly established within the group. Participants were continually engaged and generous with their input, utilising the various online communication tools,  such as Zoom chat and forums to extend their participation and networking.

2021 Course Participants
2021 Course Participants

"The Intensive Course felt like a whirl-wind adventure alongside a richly diverse group of inquisitive and inspired participants into a dynamic, exploratory space where statelessness - a subject familiar to me first and foremost as lived experience, was made accessible from an exciting range of vantage points, offering a unique opportunity to not only deepen insight, but to network and further the spirit of solidarity among the global community of academics, impacted activists, members of civil society, government officials, and representatives of UN agencies.

Guided by Professor Michelle Foster and the highly knowledgeable staff at the Centre, we examined the intersection of statelessness with a vast array of global issues, exposing historical context, as well as perplexities and stress points in the modern system of human rights, and solution mechanisms. In addition, the course offers a valuable and impactful opportunity to shift perspective from the legal and academic space into the highly personal realm of human stories - with respect and sensitivity. I highly recommend the Statelessness Intensive Course to anyone wanting an immersive, inspiring, and transformative learning experience." - Ekaterina E, United Stateless founding member

"The issue of statelessness is an aspect of international law I had always been interested in but, due to lack of courses at my previous institutions, I was not able to expand my understanding from a legal and theoretical perspective.

The Statelessness Intensive Course helped broaden my scope by enabling me to hone in on the specific laws and frameworks on statelessness. It provided a comprehensive overview and in-depth analysis on the theoretical framework as well as current issues concerning statelessness in so many different contexts. The valuable input from participants from all sectors helped to equip me with the practical tools necessary in my career mission to galvanize systemic change so that we can create robust solutions to address issues of displacement and statelessness." - Rez Gardi, Co-founder, Centre for Asia Pacific Refugee Studies

"The course was truly an enriching learning and networking experience. It was a really great opportunity for me personally to learn about all aspects of statelessness which was clearly addressed by the experts of this course. Also the various perspectives and views of the participants from different diverse backgrounds has broadened my knowledge not just on the issue of statelessness but also other global issues." – Shalom Semi, Ministry of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Samoa

“We had nice interactions with people from different countries, different professions. It really helped me to broaden my view toward stateless persons and their protection. I so enjoyed meeting everyone and exchanging valuable information and experience. It was a great honor for me to participate in the training and through this course I gained much good experience on statelessness issues, which will be used to prevent and reduce statelessness in our country." Kuanishbay Beknazarov, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Uzbekistan

“I really enjoyed the course and it was a pleasure to interact with the other participants, lecturers and discussion facilitators! Thank you for preparing such an engaging and educational programme.” Kah-ul Kim, UNHCR South Korea