2022 Course

2022 Course Participants
2022 Course Participants

In February 2022, we were lucky enough to once again have an exceptional group of participants in our Intensive Course.  Participants were from Armenia; Australia; Bangladesh; Cambodia; Fiji; Georgia; India; Indonesia; Kazakhstan; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Philippines; Thailand, and Vietnam. The group comprised academics, government officials, lawyers, students, representatives from non-government organisations and human rights bodies and the UNHCR.

“This course offers an enlightening insight into a problem that is under-represented in global discourse. It was no less than a privilege to have been able to study with the wonderful team at the PMCS under the stewardship of Professor Foster, and to have gotten the chance to interact with and learn from colleagues from around the world. The course has not only taught me a lot and given me a lot to think about, but has also allowed me to expand my horizons and think about the statelessness problem in a whole new light." - Ahmed Hassan, Centre for Peace and Justice, BRAC University

“It has been a pleasure to attend the Intensive Course. It was an enriching experience and has given me the much-needed holistic understanding of statelessness. The lectures and discussions have provided me with new research ideas.” – Aakash Chandran, Asia Justice Coalition

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the intensive course, it really was far more comprehensive than I could have imagined and such an amazing group of lecturers and participants.” - Rebecca Webb, Refugee Legal

"As a practitioner, I found the Statelessness Intensive Course to be a unique and invaluable introduction to the causes, effects, and international law relating to statelessness and stateless persons. Involving practical and theoretical lectures and exercises, and diverse participants (including those with a lived experience of statelessness), the course provided an excellent grounding in topical and legal issues across a vast range of topics of interest to lawyers, decision-makers, civil society actors, and those in the field. I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone working in the refugee/protection space." - Nathan Stormont, Administrative Appeals Tribunal

"It was an eye-opening experience to learn from the course about the issues and cases of statelessness in different contexts and parts of the world. The presentations were very comprehensive with thorough insights on the topic and related issues, especially those presenters who shared their personal experience of statelessness. I also liked learning about the interventions taking place through international treaties, regional, national and local approaches. Since I work directly on issues of statelessness in my country, these pieces of knowledge and the access to related documents I got from the course are fundamental for me to have more contribution to addressing the issues in my work." - Rattanak Ly, Women Peace Makers, Cambodia