About the Tax Group

The Tax Group aims for excellence in tax education and research. We teach a wide range of subjects in postgraduate and undergraduate tax programs, carry out tax research with a technical, public policy and reform focus and contribute to public debate on taxation issues. Our education program is designed and taught by, and in conjunction with, experienced taxation practitioners including members of leading law and accounting firms and leading members of the Bar.

Research interests in the tax faculty are diverse and include Australian individual and corporate income tax, comparative and international taxation and critical perspectives on taxation. Much of the research work carried out by the Tax Group is interdisciplinary and comparative in nature.

The Tax Group at Melbourne Law School is pleased to host the Annual Tax Lecture and Australian branch meetings of the International Fiscal Association. The Tax Group has strong international tax connections including with New York University; the University of Virginia in the USA; Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation at the Said Business School; and the Cambridge University Law School Centre for Tax Law. We welcome international students in the postgraduate tax program.