Research Projects

Tax Group carry out a range of tax research projects with a technical and a policy focus and contribute actively to public debate on tax reform. Listed below are some of the significant research projects, some funded by external grants and many of a collaborative and interdisciplinary nature.

Oxford-MLS Research Partnership

A study of the interplay between sham transactions, judicial and statutory anti-avoidance rules and the doctrine of abuse of rights in Australian and UK Tax Law

Professor Miranda Stewart was awarded the first Oxford-Melbourne research grant. Miranda undertook this project with Edwin Simpson from Oxford University.

ARC Linkage Project

Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Economic Empowerment, Wealth Creation and Institutional Reform for Sustainable Indigenous and Local Communities

Professor Miranda Stewart, Professor Marcia Langton, Professor Lee Godden, Associate Professor Maureen Tehan, Dr Lisa Strelein (AIATSIS), Dr John Taylor (ANU, CAEPR Canberra), Professor Ciaran O'Fairchaellaigh (Griffith University); Rio Tinto and Santos (Industry Partners), Marnda Mia (Community Partner) received funding for the period 2009-2012.