Article: "Russia's 2020 Constitutional Amendments: A Comparative Perspective"

By Assoc Prof Will Partlett

In June 2020, Will Partlett published a paper titled, "Russia's 2020 Constitutional Amendments: A Comparative Perspective" as a University of Melbourne Legal Studies Research Paper.  The article places the 2020 amendments to the Russian Constitution in comparative perspective.

The amendments have been justified as a way of strengthening the Russian state in order to tackle emerging new problems. Comparatively, these amendments follow the recent ‘populist’ trend toward state-building grounded on constitutional centralism, anti-institutionalism, and protectionism. This populist agenda draws on many of the same ideas found in socialist state-building that contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. For modern Russia, therefore, these reforms further entrench this problematic socialist legacy and are therefore likely to undermine the creation of an effective, stable, and strong Russian state.