Award: National Library Fellowship

16 November 2020

CTN congratulates Anna Dziedzic, who has been awarded a prestigious National Library Fellowship, to pursue her research on ‘Waves and currents: The movement of constitutional texts and ideas across Oceania’.

The aim of Anna's project is to understand the role and influence of internal and external actors in constitution making as Pacific island states moved to independence over the course of 1960 to 1980. It is part of a larger research project that traces the patterns and connections between the written constitutions made by in the 19th century, the independence constitutions of the 20th century and constitution making in Pacific states today.

The Fellowship supports a 12 week residency at the National Library of Australia, located in Canberra. During her residency, Anna will access the working papers of JW Davidson and CJ Lynch, who between them provided advice on independence constitution making across seven Pacific states from the 1960s to 1980s. These papers, together with the significant collection of primary and secondary materials relating to the history of the Pacific islands, will be used to develop an understanding of second wave constitution-making that moves beyond official accounts by paying attention to the people, relationships and contexts that lie behind constitutional texts.