CTN Grant Awarded 2017

ConTransNet awarded grant to examine peacebuilding and constitutional implementation

In December 2017, the Constitution Transformation Network was awarded a grant of $30,000 by the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden. The project will focus on a hitherto under-researched and less understood issue: the implementation of constitutions in FCA contexts and the nexus with sustainable peace, with a focus on the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARB) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as a case study.

Constitutional texts and structures created in fragile and conflict affected (FCA) contexts use ‘inclusion mechanisms’ to address the root causes of conflict (whether socio-cultural, ethnic, economic, religious or other). Examples include reforms to parliamentary and executive structures to reflect power-sharing agreements; restrictions on political parties; revised electoral processes. Constitutional structures such as federalism may mitigate the risk of further conflict by accommodating the interests of diverse groups within the state. Without effective implementation of these and other inclusion mechanisms in FCA settings, the risk of return to conflict is ever-present. By understanding the drivers and barriers to full implementation and applying these lessons to peacebuilding, constitution-building and rule of law practice, we can enhance prospects for sustainable peace.

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