Engagement: "NYU Human Rights, Prevention, and Sustainable Peace Project"

April 2020

CTN Convenor Tom Daly is currently a thought leader with the Human Rights, Prevention, and Sustainable Peace Project (the Prevention Project) at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ), New York University. Tom is working on Workstream 4: Strengthening Civil Society, which focuses on strengthening civil society and social cohesion as part of the broader, more systematic, and more long-term work that prevents conflict by building state and broader governance institutions.

Other thought leaders include César Rodríguez-Garavito (Director, CHRGJ); Ravindran Daniel (Representative of the High Commission for Human Rights, OHCHR); and Maina Kiai, Former UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Assembly and Association).

The project is funded by the Governments of Switzerland and the Netherlands, and with a grant from a family foundation that wishes to remain anonymous. Go to the Prevention Project website for more information.