Seminar: "The Belt and Road - How to balance investors' and consumers’ rights"

25 March 2019

With the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China is promoting large infrastructure projects to interconnect the Chinese market with neighboring economies. The implementation of this initiative raises questions of investment protection, given high regulatory and political risk in many BRI destinations. Realising large infrastructure projects also presents important social challenges for consumers that contribute to financing these investments through higher prices. Balancing investor and consumer protection involves constitutional rights and values, including the right to property, the freedom of economic activity and the social state nature of certain jurisdictions.

This presentation on "Balancing Investors' and Consumers’ Rights along the Belt and Road" was made by Associate Professor Anatole Boute, Associate Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and examined the role of domestic courts in balancing investors and consumers’ rights in Central Asia – a region of strategic importance for the BRI. Associate Professor Boute specialises in energy law. He has extensive working and academic experience in the Eurasian energy markets (Russia, Central Asia, EU and China), including advisory work for the major development banks. He is the author of Russian Electricity and Energy Investment Law (Brill Nijhoff, 2015) and Energy Security along the New Silk Road (CUP, 2019).

This Constitution Transformation Network seminar was co-hosted with the Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law.