Knowledge exchange: Myanmar

22-27 March 2019

Cheryl Saunders undertook a knowledge exhange visit to Myanmar, where she made a series of presentations on constitutions and federalism, under the auspices of International IDEA and its MyConstitution program in Myanmar.

The main purpose of her visit was to conduct a three-day workshop for State legislators and others at Pa’an, in Kachin State. The workshop covered a range of issues: the nature of a constitution; processes of constitution making; the distinction between making a new constitution and amending an existing one; the core features of a federation; and mechanisms for the distribution of federal legislative power. The workshop was designed to identify comparative constitutional experience that might be relevant to current and future constitutional discussions in Myanmar, including discussions on constitutional issues in the context of peace negotiations.

Some of these issues are already the subject of Constitutional Insights, prepared jointly by ConTranNet and International IDEA, specifically: