Knowledge Exchange with the Sri Lanka Judiciary

24 April 2018

From 23 to 27 April, Melbourne Law School hosted ten judges from the Sri Lankan Supreme Court and Court of Appeal as part of a knowledge exchange focused on sharing MLS scholars' expertise on key issues of interest to the visiting judges.

The Constitution Transformation Network (ConTransNet) hosted Day 2 of the knowledge exchange, with the agenda focused on showcasing Australia's own constitutional history, institutions and practice, as well as canvassing global and regional constitutional developments of relevance to Sri Lanka's own context.

Professor Cheryl Saunders presented on Australian constitutional law, as well as setting the scene regarding critical global constitutional issues. Research Fellow Tom Daly canvassed recent research on "democratic decay" worldwide, describing the challenges posed by legal constitutional changes that effectively undermine liberal institutions and values. Research Fellow Tarun Khaitan canvassed constitutional developments in South Asia, while ConTransNet Co-Convenor and doctoral candidate Anna Dziedzic discussed constitutional developments in the Pacific.