Knowledge Exchanges: Myanmar & Philippines

July & August 2019

Over recent months, Cheryl Saunders has had valuable practical experience with the issues raised by constitutional transformation in a range of states in the Asia and Pacific region, in her capacity as Senior Technical Advisor to the Constitution-Building program of International IDEA. In August she was in Myanmar again, in NayPyiTaw, for workshops on the intersection of Constitutions and international law and on emergency powers in federal systems. In early July she was in Manila and Mindanao, in the Philippines, again with International IDEA, to discuss federal constitution building and to deliver workshops on the design and implementation of parliamentary systems.

In addition, in June, Cheryl Saunders and Anna Dziedzic were in Papua New Guinea, attending a seminar on options for Bougainville in the wake of the November referendum, which is relevant to several Bougainville related programs in which ConTransNet is presently involved