Launch: "New Dem-Dec Infohub on COVID-19 and Democracy"

3 April 2020

CTN Convenor Dr Tom Daly is also the creator of the Dem-Dec Resource Hub, an online resource dedicated to tracking and sharing information about the regression and renewal of democracy around the world, with a particular focus on constitutional reform and legal issues.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DEM-DEC has been temporarily renamed COVID-DEM and has been established as an Infohub to to help democracy analysts worldwide track, compile, and share information on how State responses to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are impacting on democratic governance. The DEM-DEC team are also working to capture and share the work being carried out by their partners (e.g. International IDEA) and other organisations such as Freedom House in this area.

The COVID-DEM Infohub gathers information on key themes including:

  • Alternative governance (e.g. online parliaments)
  • Democratic rights and freedoms
  • Democracy v authoritarianism in the fight against COVID-19
  • Elections
  • Emergency powers
  • Power grabs

The Infohub is divided into 5 main categories:

  • Databases and resources
  • Policy Analysis
  • Blog Posts & Symposia
  • Media Analysis
  • COVID-19 Events

Get Involved 
Contact the DEM-DEC team to share or suggest information to include on the Infohub, including databases, analysis, and events: You can use the online form or e-mail Feel free to also share more general feedback on the Infohub. Together, the DEM-DEC team is keen to help stakeholders work together to ensure that the integrity of democracy worldwide remains a priority during this crisis.